Used Tires

Used Tires

Use extreme caution if considering the purchase of used tires! Cooper recommends that you never purchase used tires. Previous usage may have damaged the tire internally. This damage may lead to sudden tire failure. Only tires that are purchased new by the original purchaser and used on the vehicle which they were first installed are covered under warranty.

If you purchase a used automobile or truck with used tires on it, do you know where those tires came from? Do you know if any of the tires are damaged internally or have multiple repairs?

Did a used tire come from a salvage yard vehicle that was involved in a serious accident? Or has a used tire been a spare tire in a vehicle luggage compartment, on the back of an SUV or under a pickup truck, exposed to heat and or the elements for the past several years? Has a used tire been improperly repaired or does it have internal damage from previous service? Has a used tire suffered from lack of maintenance, has it been in service with low inflation pressure or been unusually heavy loaded? If you do not know answers to each of these questions, do you really want to take a chance and put such a tire on your vehicle?

Once tires are applied to a vehicle and put into service (this includes spare tires), they are considered “used.” There is a potential risk associated with the installation of used tires that have uncertain or unknown history.

Driving on damaged tires is dangerous. A damaged tire can suddenly fail leading to situations that may result in serious personal injury or death. Tires should be regularly inspected by a qualified tire service professional.

Not all tire damage that can lead to tire failure is outwardly visible. For instance, improper repairs or damage to a tire’s inner liner can only be observed by inspecting the inside of the tire, demounted from the wheel. A qualified tire service professional should inspect the internal and external condition of a used tire prior to application. In the case of a used vehicle purchased by a consumer, the only way to determine the condition of its tires is to have them demounted by a tire service professional for the same type of inspection.

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